Georgia Tech's Conference Services began looking for conference management system to support their complex operations. They wanted to find a system to compliment their One Stop Shop certification at both their public face as well as behind-the-scenes. 

Value of Working with Kinetic Software:

  • Providing a "One-Stop" software, a single database to manage all parts of the event lifecycle
  • The ability to analyze their business model each year to identify key business sources through reporting
  • Reducing admin time to focus on providing new services to clients 



"Kx is a difference-maker in that it keeps us centralized. It allows myself, each conference coordinator, student manager and conference assistant the ability to view all pertinent aspects of a program in one location."

NCAA-Georgia_Tech-logo.pngJohn Nussear
Director, Conference Services

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Working with a completely paper and manual system, NovusWay was looking for a more effective way to optimize the occupancy among their 4 sites throughout the southeast.

Value of Working with Kinetic Software:

  • Focus on NovusWay's business processes
  • Inquiry tracking and reporting provide intel for follow-up to increase business during the white space
  • Ability to capture data in real-time, reducing admin time and costly errors

"The greatest impact of switching to Kx is the time it has saved in the whole process. From beginning to end, it saves time in every step along the way."


Rev. Mike Ward
Former Vice President of Advancement

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ST. JOHN'S UNIVERSITY | StormCard Interface

With their StormCard system from CBORD playing a major role with their conference groups, entry of data into two systems was impacting efficiency and customer service. Kinetic Software worked with St. John's to create an interface between Kx and CBORD.

Value of Working with Kinetic Software:

  • Reducing guest wait time when making rooming changes
  • Removing the dependency on the IT department for housing imports or changes
  • Increasing staff efficiency   

"Kx feeds in automatically. It puts the info in the right places. As IT, I don't need to look over or even know when groups are coming. The interface was really a no-brainer."

St Johns_logo_invertedALT copy.png

Aron Schiffenbauer
Sr. Analyst, Applications Development & Maintenance

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