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Understanding the Kx Options: Part 2 – The Classroom Interface

By Ksenia Molodych | 2nd February 2012

What does the Classroom Interface do?

Understanding the Kx Options: Part 1 KxFinancial

By Ksenia Molodych | 27th January 2012

What does KxFinancial do? In a nutshell, the financial interface passes the revenue information from your Kx system to your financial system in a language the accounting software is designed to understand. Some of the standard interfaces available are, Banner, SAP, and Oracle. For non-standard interfaces, we would compile a script to deliver the financial…

A 3-Part Plan to Boost Your Bottom Line in 2012

By Ksenia Molodych | 16th January 2012

The New Year often carries with it an expectation of change. When you make the time to adapt a different strategy, or review the steps you normally take, the results are usually positive. Here are three steps to help your operation enhance its revenue stream starting today.

Welcome 2012 and our new blog!

By Laura Lafferty | 3rd January 2012

The new year is not only a good time for reflection, but also the perfect time to plan for the year ahead. Kinetic Software is ringing in the new year with a new version of our scheduling software featuring a progressive new look and enhanced functionality. We’ve also added this blog to provide information on…

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