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3 Ways Conference Services Should Never Underestimate its Impact

By Laura Lafferty | 25th May 2017

As many conference professionals head into the ‘busy season’ of summer, this is a good time to remind you of just how much impact you have on your university and your community.   In the day to day chaos of summer conference season, it is easy to forget the big picture when the focus is…

3 Ways to Think Outside the Box with Optional Add-Ons

By Jeanette Kletzli | 27th April 2017

Money, revenue, the bottom line. It is the primary reason why many conference departments exist. Get your university more money. At this year’s annual ACCED-I conference, we led a session taking the revenue discussion outside of the box. We looked at activities and programs from others campuses that utilize campus space for additional revenue in…

Scheduling is NOT Conference Management

By Laura Lafferty | 13th February 2017

This month, we welcome Laura Lafferty as our guest blogger. While working in conference services, she used an academic scheduling system to manage her conferences and events. After all, she was just scheduling events; it’s the same thing. Read on as you take a coffee break to learn more about her experience in how effective…

[Guest Blog] Tips to Help Get an Intern Housing Program Up & Running

By Rob Johnstone and Laura Lafferty | 31st January 2017

Intern housing is becoming a big buzz word these days. And it is easy to understand why: it can be an easier way to increase sales and occupancy in an area that is consistent. One campus that has seen a huge return through an intern housing program is the University Center Chicago. In the last 5 years,…

14 Things We Learned from Hosting a Presidential Debate

By Laura Lafferty | 9th December 2016

Managing conferences and events is no small feat. There are many moving pieces for any conference and we all learn as we go along. Now imagine what you would learn about your team and events in general from an event on steroids… like a Presidential Debate. Such was the case at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.…

Your “Cliff Notes” Guide to the Cloud, Cloud computing, and SaaS

By Laura Lafferty | 25th October 2016

The term “Cloud” is everywhere these days. Does it mean a web-based product, hosting, or a storage system? Yes, it does. The word “Cloud” refers to the Internet. It can mean anything from server hosting, browser-based applications, cloud storage, or file sharing. Which isn’t very helpful when trying to figure out what will work best…

5 Ways to Make RFPs Work for You

By Laura Lafferty | 18th July 2016

We seem to have a love/hate relationship with quotes, or requests for proposals (RFPs); their value has often been debated. Best practices and new trends, such as how do you showcase your venue while meeting the planner’s need for concise reporting, are always a hot topic. 

Trainer Tips: Bedroom Diary, Bedroom Areas, Rooming Lists

By Jeanette Kletzli | 21st June 2016

The ability to reserve overnight accommodations, down to the specific room, is a feature that makes Kx great while importing rooming lists is a quick and easy task. Both save time and help you understand your available resources… until they don’t work for you. Nine times out of 10 the calls that come in about a problem in one of…

The Perfect Pricing Structure… Does it only exist in fairy tales?

By Laura Lafferty | 8th June 2016

At this year’s ACCED-I conference, several conference center directors spoke about their journey with evaluating and setting rates for their conference departments.  Following along from a recent post of ours on complete meeting packages, we asked one of the directors to share her story and tips as her department went through the process. Suzanne Shaw with Yale Conference and Events (YC&E)…

3 Reasons to Rethink that Homegrown System

By Laura Lafferty | 23rd May 2016

What does your software landscape look like? Are there paths going all over the place? Or a tree with many entwined branches? The question becomes how to simplify and unravel the knotted mess. With multiple systems being used for one department, a homegrown system might seem like the way to go. And it is easy to…

3 Steps to Help Streamline Invoicing in Conference and Event Services

By Laura Lafferty | 2nd May 2016

During the annual ACCED-I conference in Portland, OR, we had a survey in our booth. We asked folks which took them longer: creating a rooming list, generating a final invoice, creating a complete BEO, or brewing a cup of coffee? The winner? Generating a final invoice, by a large margin. Why is this? While you…

7 Steps to Help ID if CMPs are a Right Fit for You

By Laura Lafferty | 12th April 2016

Does this sound familiar? What is the price for X? Does that price include Y and Z? Well… it depends on if you do A, B, or C. Do you not have a package rate? Oh sure! We take the total cost of all items you reserve and divide it by the number of people you expect. Say what? So…

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