Give your students the online experience they demand and give your teams one system for accommodation administration. Kinetic Software covers the full online process, from initial application through graduation. 

 Why not give your team and students the smartest tools available to manage their accommodation needs? 

Search, Apply and Contract

Search, apply and contract

  • Dynamic websites with full CMS controls makes it easy for your students to find their ideal accommodation
  • Bring a 'one-stop-shop' approach to searching, selecting, paying and contracting - all online
  • Offer different journeys for new or returning students 


Getting Ready and Arrivals

Getting ready... and arrivals

  • Online orientation processes provides space to share campus life with incoming students
  • Assign arrival passes showing students their allocated arrival time and parking locations to keep traffic moving
  • Online room condition report and a live check-in process help place students in rooms quickly and keep admin time to a minimum
In House

In House

  • A design centered around the student, not the semester, allows for easy access to historical data
  • Let the system automatically calculate the charges associated with an early arrival or late departure
  • Provide students a portal for submitting requests such as room changes, maintenance needs, or the need to extend their stay.
Graduation and Time to Go

Graduation ... and time to go

  • Complete room inspections on mobile devices
  • Increase the speed of deposit refunds to students
  • Easily deal with varying departure dates and manage summer housing requests

"The online application for students is one of my favorite features as the interface is fantastic, while the ability for us to edit, makes things easier as we move through our cycle of the year."

Tammy Brown, Manager Residence Admissions & Administration, Brock University


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