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Event Registration

Offer online registration for your customers with full integration and time saving for your team... for any type of event.  

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Mobile Apps

Free your team from the desktop and help them achieve more on-the-go. Check rooms, check availability and check in. Check it out.

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Dynamic and visually powerful online proposals that wow your prospects. Stand out from your competition.

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Manage OTA Channels

Simplify the way you manage your Online Travel Agencies (OTA). Save time and sell your spare bedrooms to a global audience.

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Online Bedroom Bookings

Fill empty bedrooms and offer online reservations for short or long stays. Provide housing for interns, visiting scholars and other individual guests.

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Online Calendar

Offer your clients the ability to submit reservation requests online. View campus events and space availability.

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Package Management
A smarter way to manage incoming packages. Scan and record the delivery, text or email the students and enjoy the extra storage space.
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Room Inspections
Speed up and automate your inventory processes. Cut down on the paper and complete room inspections on a mobile device. 
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An online ordering solution for Catering teams using KxCatering that allows customers to submit and edit their orders online, and helps your busy Catering teams save time.  Allowing them to focus on providing great customer service.

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Hosting Services

Could switching to a hosted solution save you time and money?

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Archival Software

Ensure that you are EU GDPR compliant - let us show you how. 

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