All Your Event Details in 1 Place

One System

Manage all aspects of your events in one location. And by full event, we mean conference space, catering, overnight accommodations, equipment resources as well as contracting with an initial quote.

One Contract

Using one system, pull all event details together on one contract; everything from conference space to housing to catering requests.

One Invoice

Pull all charges associated with the event together in one invoice. Let the system do the work of compiling charges together.

One Event

Using more than one system is an inefficient way to, well... manage conferences. One event. One contract. One invoice. One system. It can be that simple.

100% of our customers can ...

  1. Create a complete function sheet/BEO for an event.
  2. Upload a final housing list, complete with specific room assignments and make adjustments as needed. 
  3. Email updated reports to service providers with last minute changes.
  4. Generate a final invoice and email it out to their conference group.
  5. Rebook a returning conference group to a new date, even those "same as last year" folks.

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