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Event management is more than just meeting space. And selecting the right software vendor is a big decision. Our eBook walks with you through selection process and helps you:

  • Know the steps to get started,
  • Evaluate your departmental needs,
  • Determine questions to ask,
  • Identify features to consider, and 
  • Analyze answers and cost/benefit for a successful selection.
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Are you making a purchase decision that involves vendor demos? This guide will make the perfect companion and is designed to help you make the most of demos by:

  • Exploring questions and features to ask,
  • Identifying your Demo Dream Team, and
  • Tips to help you prepare for demos.
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Justifying large purchases can seem complicated and overwhelming. This guide shares steps we have successfully used to assist our clients in justifying purchases large and small. Learn how to:

  • Evaluate current processes and goals
  • Identify roadblocks and what they are costing
  • Explore how to collect and collate data it for a ROI report
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Make it Your System


There are a lot of parts to a software purchase with the last being the actual implementation of the software. It can be the difference between a successful software purchase and a complete flop that everyone despises.  

Our guide provides steps to build a foundation for a successful implementation by:

  • Exploring questions to ask,
  • Identifying the impact on resource, and
  • Noting areas to watch when it comes to communication and processes.
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Contracting Best practices


Contracting plays a major role in the event lifecycle. But are your contracting terms protecting your business interests?

Our guide provides 5 tips to evaluate your current contracting terms by:

  • Highlighting common missing terms,
  • Sharing reasons to apply specific clauses,
  • Providing examples of certain clauses.
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We are on a mission to provide you with the best tips and practices to make your job less overwhelming. After all, 80% of our staff have walked in your shoes.

Free Event Management Resources

"The Kinetic system keeps us centralized. It allows our team to see all key aspects of a program in one location. It streamlines information, which makes our operation more efficient."

John Nussear 
Director, Conference Services; Georgia Institute of Technology

Additional Free Resources 

Software Feature List


You have made the decision to make the move. It is time to say goodbye to your outdated software or paper-based system. Your team is ready, but where can you begin to find out what features you are wanting?

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Vendor Evaluation Form


Demos will play a part of the software selection process. Download our worksheet to assist in the evaluation of systems and vendors. This worksheet is set up so you can edit to meet your system requirements.

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Report on Lost Business


If asked, could you quickly identify how much money was turned away because of a specific reasons? What money walks back out the door? Our worksheet provides the foundation to generate a Lost Business report and show you what is costing you money.

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Giving Away Money?

Blog | Worksheet

Why is it that invoicing takes so long? And how confident are you that you have included all charges for a group? Use our worksheet to guide you through an invoicing self-assessment and set up steps to improve your operations.

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Plan A? No, plan b. Right?


Quick! What's the number for 911? 

From medical issues to severe weather, emergencies can, and do, happen. While the venue is sure to have an emergency plan, are guest groups and venue staff well versed in what to do?

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The Stuff of Dreams? Or Nightmares?


Conference management is more than just meeting space. But what is the full value of having a bedroom management system included with meeting space?

More than you might think.

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Do you suffer from productivity eaters?

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What to expect when you're... implementing.


Change is scary. And a software purchase is HUGE. Each venue is different, but you are determined to find a system better suited for your venue. Where do you start?

You can start here with our help guide.

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