"Learning never exhausts the mind."

- Leonardo da Vinci


Join us on our exciting journey to the United Kingdom to see how our Kx customers from across the pond operate.



 What is awaiting you?


canterburyOctober 14

arrow_higher png Arrival in Canterbury, UK

arrow_higher png Overnight in Canterbury at Canterbury Cathedral Lodge


university of kentOctober 15

arrow_higher png Meet with University of Kent

arrow_higher png Travel to Egham, overnight at RHUL guest house


university of londonOctober 16

arrow_higher png Meet with Royal Holloway University of London

arrow_higher png Travel to Warwick, overnight at Warwick University Scarman Hall

WarwickOctober 17

arrow_higher png Meet with Warwick University

arrow_higher png End of the UK Study Tour

arrow_higher png Option to stay for UK User ForumAccommodations at Warwick University for the night of the 16th will be £95.00 + VAT and includes breakfast.


User ForumOctober 18-19 (optional add-on)

arrow_higher png You can attend the UK User Forum at Warwick University. More  information and registration is available here.


Who Should Participate

We encourage staff from both conference and student accommodation departments to participate. Staff roles ideal for the visit:

arrow Conference Managers

arrow Conference Directors

arrow Student Accommodation Managers

arrow Operations Managers

arrow Kx Administrators

arrow Sales/Marketing Managers


What to Expect

A daily schedule will be set at each location from approximately 10:00am to 3:00pm. The schedule will encourage high-level and granular-level networking, information sharing and will include:

arrow Large group discussions with Q&A

arrow Breakout meetings by functional area to delve deeper into roles and responsibilities, including use of Kx to support these

arrow Discussions to review business processes and profiles

arrow Brief tour of facilities

arrow Wrap up group meeting for final Q&A and information/ideas sharing





Estimated Fees

Included at no cost:

 arrow_higher png Tour registration

 arrow_higher png Partial meals (lunches and dinner at Royal Holloway)

 arrow_higher png Accommodation at Royal Holloway University on October 15th

 arrow_higher png Ground transportation between host sites


Participant responsibility (approx. £400-500* total, not including airfare):

arrow_higher png Airfare to/from London (recommend London Heathrow or London Gatwick)


arrow_higher png Partial meals (approximately £100)


arrow_higher png Ground transportation to Canterbury (tour start) and from Warwick (tour end) – approximately £80, dependent on mode of transportation

       arrow_light blue To Canterbury – trains can arrive in East or West train station from London

       arrow_light blue From Warwick – trains depart from Coventry Station to London


arrow_higher png Accommodation Fees

       arrow_light blue University of Kent = £95.00 + VAT (includes breakfast)

       arrow_light blue Warwick University = £95.00 + VAT (includes breakfast)


Optional Participation in UK User Forum

Oct 17-19 at Warwick University

        arrow_light blue £350 fee includes: accommodation on the nights of the 17th and 18th, networking reception and buffet on the 17th, all meals 18th/19th including a gala reception and dinner, pre-registration for forum sessions

        arrow_light blue Content is for both Conferencing and Student Accommodation professionals

 *we recommend using xe.com to ascertain your approximate local currency conversion




Travel Links

Trains: https://www.thetrainline.com/

Coach buses: http://www.nationalexpress.com/home.aspx

Option to rent cars as well (it’s fun to drive on the other side)!